Ningyue Qian lives and works in London, graduated with a first class honours in Sculpture from Shanghai University College of Fine Arts as an undergraduate, and is currently studying at Royal college of art MA sculpture 23-24.

"Cooking is always with me, which gives me an unfamiliar sense of relief."

As a Chinese expatriate living in London, Ningyue's feelings of difference brought about by geographic shuttling have reshaped her fundamental understanding of the concepts of body, identity and nation.

In relation to the initial questions raised by the body's geographic location, Ningyue turns her perspective to the process of assimilation of culinary culture and oesophageal digestion in her hometown of Ningbo, China. The body serves as the driving force as pacifying emotions are kneaded and baked into the dough. The emotions brought about by unconscious habits gradually expand, calcify, fragment and flow at will, and Ningyue uses dough as a medium to provoke a reflection on the floating of the body in power relations.

It is a metaphor for the mobility of groups of people between different arenas. Using cooking as a means and dough as a medium, it questions the assumptions that condition the concepts of identity and belonging to their own obscurity, revealing the spatial places that are often deliberately demarcated and readily dispossessed between representation and reality. It helps to make us truly understand the promise of the state and the changes in society.

Ningyue's work is inspired by cooking (cultural cooking), using everyday materials from the kitchen, such as dough and sugar, to connect these seemingly fragile and commonplace materials in a contemporary or live cooking style and to increase their capacity for extension and reach. Most of Ningyue's works will be reworked during each installation to realise an imagined community that meets expectations.

Ningyue received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the College of Fine Arts, Shanghai University, China in 2023, graduating first in the sculpture department and receiving the only Zeng Zhushao Scholarship from Shanghai University in the same year. she was awarded two consecutive National Scholarships by the Republic of China from 2019-2022, and received the Scholarship for Academic Excellence from Shanghai University in 2022.
Her work was included in the Art in the docks exhibition (2024), which was supported and sponsored by Art In The Docks and Notting Hill Genesis, and was described by the Mayor of Newham, London, as a highly creative and surprising sculpture: The future of belonging (2024), by Speaker's Choice. The future of belonging (2024), supported and sponsored by Speiro projects; Sixthe senses (2024) at the Standpoint gallery residency programme: Zeng Zhushao Scholarship Exhibition (2023) sponsored and nominated by the China Sculpture Society, Datong Municipal People's Government: Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts Outstanding Works Exhibition (2023) Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts.

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