The Sunshine roses in this work come from a vineyard 37km away from the center of Shanghai. From human history, literature, and art works, it is easy to find that we have given fruits rich meanings and reflections. When we revisit a fruit today nature gives fruits and at the same time gives people the opportunity to create them. As long as there is a fresh point of view in the market in the pre-paving and creation, naturally there will be constantly created demand and supply. I used the "Sunshine Rose" (grape), which is sought after by the crowd year after year, as a means to record and analyze how consumerism has shaped the message and viewpoint in the flesh of the "Sunshine Rose".

Four "Sunshine Roses" from different market price points were used as a reference system. The comparison was made in terms of the quality of the grape, the fullness of the grape, the taste, the internal structure of the individual grape, the weight and the softness of the stems; the choice of packaging and the level of packaging in terms of the mode of transportation; and the means of inspection given by the market to compare the grape without dropping. We then selected the most "excellent" Sunshine Rose and turned it into an "excellent shell", so that we can continue to produce excellent quality in line with the market's viewpoint. standardized preparation. Finally, all of this is destroyed, crushed, and made into a film that is easily soluble in water. The image of cultivation, represented by the orchard shed, appears in the plantation. In the gaze of the natural environment and the houses representing the human market, this illustrative show begins.

sunshine rose(grape), glutinous rice paper, bamboo sheet, clay, gas stove, glue.

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