This is a note on what I have learned as an observer in real life.

Possibly because my uncle was a dentist, I grew up among my peers showing extra care for my teeth. But when I shared this concern with my family, they acted in such a way that I gradually realized that beyond the words, the concern itself was a push, and the push was always a hidden "correction".

"In our society, anyone who doesn't cry at his mother's funeral is at risk of the death penalty", from Albert Camus' book The Stranger. When one forces a logical concern on the other, or even on the world, without asking why, it is like a "trial of logic on phenomena." With the same suspicion, I have established a practice - using the record as a means of exploring what we have overlooked in the process of discovery? And at the same time what is potentially being pushed forward? In the work, to amplify the local features of the individual that are easily overlooked in everyday life, while at the same time reducing the regular expressions that should be. In this way, it creates the opportunity for contradictions to overlap with each other, while at the same time performing a "corrective" operation in a balanced "normal" state. It is a trial of the logic rooted in the viewer's mind through my personal guidance.

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